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-- About Us --

Builders Biomass Sdn Bhd is founded and managed by a team of corporate leaders and dedicated professionals from various industries and disciplines. Ranging from scientists, chemists, engineers, to building professionals, legal professionals, accountants and economists �C we all share environmental preservation ideals and are dedicated to play our role in the worldwide quest to reduce greenhouse has emissions.

With the earth in greater peril than ever before, and with natural disasters occurring at least once a month on an average, urgent action and attention has to be taken to heal the earth. Builders Biomass sets out to do this with the creation of BiOEn, a carbon neutral energy source that generates zero green house gases from combustion.

Our relentless pursuit is to create a better and cleaner world for the future generations through the production of Malaysian biomass waste pellets as a source of green energy. It is our aim to utilize the abundance waste available and to turn this into clean renewable energy.

At Builders Biomass, we develop strategies that could help alleviate global warming by incorporating protection strategies into our business models. We believe that the world economy needs to switch from fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas causing pollution, to clean renewable energy in order to achieve sustainability to natural habitats and mankind.

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