Corporate Profile

-- History --

Builders Biomass Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary company of Builders Corporation (M) Bhd. The Builders Corporation Group of Companies, through its subsidiaries has had a long and illustrious history since 1952, specializing in building construction and property development in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The Group has had numerous notable firsts, and amongst others, built more than 80% of Kuala Lumpur public housing in the 70s and early 80s; built the first tallest building in Malaysia in the mid 80s: the 35-storey Kuala Lumpur City Hall, the Ministry of Defence Headquarters, multi million ringgit shopping complexes, and the turnkey design and construction of all the sales and services centres for the Matsushita group of companies in Malaysia. The Group also pioneered the usage of ready mixed concrete, concrete pump, tower crane and passenger hoist in high-rise construction in Malaysia.

In Singapore, the Group was best known for construction of public housing in the early 60s. Shortly after the independence of Singapore, the Group was actively involved in the construction of public housing to meet the serious problem of housing shortages in Singapore. Recognizing that the island was land tight, the Group then moved on into the development of landed properties in Singapore.

In Indonesia, the Group was instrumental to the numerous factories set up on a complete turnkey basis for labour intensive industrialists from Taiwan and Korea.

Taking cognizance of the world climatic changes and recognizing that on an average, natural disasters occur at least once a month, the Group is seriously committed in building defenses to calamities. As part of the Group’s strategic direction in playing a role in combating climate change, the Group has established a green technology division, venturing into renewable energy and environmentally friendly products, with Builders Biomass as one of the Group’s green technology subsidiary company specializing in the manufacturing of biomass pellets. The legacy that was established by the Group after having successfully built landmarks is now similarly extended to the area of green technology, to also leave a legacy of contributing meaningfully to the mitigation of global warming resulting in climatic changes.

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