BiOEn Pellets

-- The Herald of a New Era... --

After years of intensive R&D, Builders Biomass has created BiOEn - BiOEn exclusive high-energy, high-density carbon neutral biomass pellets. BiOEn made from agricultural and forestry waste with high calorific value and low ash content.

The suitability of BiOEn ranges from utilization as fuel for domestic residential heating to being an alternative heating fuel for co-burning of coal-fired and fossil fuel power stations. Industrial users can also use BiOEn pellets, notably, for firing of boilers.

Builders Biomass employs state-of-the-art technology in the creation of our biomass pellets. We maintain stringent quality control to ensure consistent quality before BiOEn is shipped out for exports.

Builders Biomass employs the latest and highly advanced technology in the creation of our biomass pellets. Precision is key at our organization. We maintain stringent quality control to ensure consistent quality before BiOEn is delivered to our end users. Our state-of-the-art factory, which operates with a Manufacturing Licence awarded by the Malaysian Government, is situated in Johor and is strategically located where there are agricultural and forestry wastes. With our cutting edge BiOEn technology process, our computer-controlled machinery turns these into BiOEn pellets in our factory. The BiOEn technology process utilizes purpose design, engineering and manufactured computer controlled machinery. From feedstock to finished product, the complete system is all linked by sensors to a central computer controlling its quality, quantity, and pollution, leading to no wastage or room for human errors in the whole manufacturing process.

At Builders Biomass, we are environmentally conscious and strive to manage wastes responsibly. Unlike others who specifically grow trees and thereafter falling the trees to harvest timber for pellets, we utilize the agricultural and forestry waste available, and responsibly turn the wastes into clean energy. These wastes would otherwise have been harmful to the environment with agricultural waste being burned in the open air or left to settle in waste ponds, and forestry waste being irresponsibly disposed or incinerated, resulting in significant release of toxic chemicals and methane emissions. Methane greenhouse gas remains in the atmosphere for approximately 9-15 years and is one of the most lethal of the green house gases and contributes to a global warming potential of 20 times higher than carbon dioxide.

Builders Biomass proudly differentiates its biomass pellets as being 100% produced from agricultural and forestry wastes, thus responsibly arresting the main causes of global warming and turning this into a rich source of renewable energy.