Corporate Profile

-- Vision --

The vision of Builders Biomass is to create a cleaner world by combating the continuous rise of greenhouse gas emissions caused by fossil fuels and coals with replacement to BioEnergy, created from biomass waste.

-- Mission --

  • To promote renewable energy and environmental sustainability with a view to combat climatic changes that causes irreversible calamities.
  • To champion green technology as the main driver towards a new green economy for Malaysia
  • To responsibly manage wastes by turning wastes into green renewable energy
  • To continuously improve and innovate by developing environmental solutions with cutting edge technologies through the usage of biomass as BioEnergy
  • To be the leading Malaysian biomass manufacturer and marketer of all biomass products

-- Values --

  • Quality – We strive to deliver and exceed the expectations of our end users
  • Competitiveness – Our BioEnergy biomass pellets consistently burn cleaner
  • Innovation – We constantly innovate in the development of our end products.
  • Professionalism – We manage and conduct our business with the highest professional standards and governance
  • Environmental preservation – We care for the environment and ensure preservation with dedicated environmental management

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